Warp Speed
By Karma’s Fool

The clock is the cruelest mistress of all. Sorry dominatrices of the world!

By notgnirrupannig

once, back when I lived on High Street in Eugene, Oregon, one of my roommates was a girl whose boyfriend was rumored to be a speed dealer.

How Long It Took to Fall
By Eileen S.

in the space
three inches between
cheek and floor,
the split-second stretched into minutes

How to Go from 0 to $300 Champagne in Under 10 Minutes: A Primer
By nightsbrightdays

I made promises under dire threats, with the elixir of bubbles and sin still heavy on my tongue, to be nice to my sister in this entry.

By David Mahaffey

Mr. Jenkins hurtled with all possible speed toward a mostly nondescript but increasingly insufferable little blue dot tucked away in a forgotten corner of the cosmos and wondered, not for the first time, why the one immutable Law of the Universe had been written the way that it had.

Time Draft
By Alaina Kleinbeck

hoping to keep the draft of time
and light
and wind away,
even if for just a moment more


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