A book that changed my life

The Gift of Good Land
By Aaron D. Jones

For those wanting to learn more about the woes of factory farming and agribusiness, Berry’s clear analysis of our agricultural system and subsequent offer of local alternatives make this collection essential reading.

A Story Like Mine
By Eileen S.

At this point, I don’t remember much at all about the writing or even the particulars of the plot, but I remember that I felt connected.  I felt validated, represented, sane.

By nightsbrightdays

The book that will change my life is the one I am writing now.

42 Reasons Why
By David Mahaffey

Maybe it’s because all the larger social groups shun us when we’re young, but we seem to reflexively build our own little worlds that keep us safe and, incidentally, keep out those who’ve spurned us.

Psychohistorian For Hire
By Karma’s Fool

Everything else was just the prologue.

The bookworm wriggleth
By John Post

A tribute to books unread.


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