About the Creative Collective

Any blogger will admit, in the dark of a lonesome North Carolina winter, to a certain desperation for blog fodder and regular readers. Attempts to garner both came to a head early in 2011: some of us commissioned blog posts, others composed responses to earlier work. An obser­vant non-blogging friend saw these serendipitous entanglements and won­dered aloud whether we had some kind of syn­chro­nized blog­ging pact. We didn’t, but rec­og­nized the idea’s poten­tial for artfully circumscribed shenanigans.

Six of us agreed to write posts on a com­mon topic every two weeks and link to each other’s work. Before long more friends joined us, and then friends of friends. And now, peo­ple few of us know or will likely ever meet are post­ing from New Hamp­shire and other exotic locales. We had to cre­ate The Creative Collective just to wran­gle all the links!

We deeply appreciate any time you spend with us here in this new-age knitting circle. If you read something that strikes your fancy, please leave a comment. We are, after all, artists, hungry for (positive) feedback.