The Feast
By Eileen S.

When I made it to my new home, I felt the twinge of lack, the kind of aching hunger that comes when you walk into a home where supper simmers on the stove.

I’m hungry.
By Katie DeConto

My intuition and I are such good friends that I will sometimes follow it off of a cliff like a lemming.

By nightsbrightdays

It began with a mouse.

Borrowing Umbrellas
By David Mahaffey

It is a trait common among my people — and I certainly share it — that no matter how much good we do, it never feels as though we’ve done enough.

Hunger is a social condition
By John Post

how Paris was in the early days when Mr. Hemingway was very poor and very happy and handling himself very carefully because he knew there were going to be some rough contests, not only with Mr. Turgenev and Mr. Stendhal but also with life, “the greatest left-hooker so far…”

The Maw
by Karma’s Fool

Our needs define us, and I really need a better information input system.

Interrupting Chaos
by Alaina Kleinbeck

Why fasting?


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