The Secret Life of Trees

Bradfield Wood
By Aaron D. Jones

Ophelia sets off to explore the forest, not knowing what awaits her there.

In the Dark
By Eileen S.

We breathe together in the dark.

But I Have Nothing Left To Give You
By David Mahaffey

Once, there was a tree.
And she loved a little boy.
And every day I watched her.

A seedling desire
By Alaina Kleinbeck

Suddenly, several months ago, a new desire crept into my consciousness.

50 Shades of Green
By Karma’s Fool

You want this. You need this.

a semi-secret treehouse
by Libby Lamb

I could live here. If only I had drawn a ladder…

A Prose Fantasia on That Noblest of Creatures

by Angry Ricky

I have always loved and longed for trees.


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