“Happiness is not a potato.”

Lucy Snowe on Happiness
By Angry Ricky

I ate the sun, and its coldness filled me with sweetness, light, and joy.

I am not a good gardener.
By Eileen S.

Funny plant, she shot up in a garden box—a place intended for intention.

I Strenuously Disagree
By nightsbrightdays

That is a bald-faced lie.

Maters, Not Taters
By David Mahaffey

Cultivation is the making ready, the pump-priming, intention-holding act of will that might allow a thing to come into being.

Jonnie Potatoes
By Jennifer Fricker

As my mother and I were going through the cardboard boxes in her hot garage, sorting out salad plates and teacups, Mom pulled out the small-but-heavy wooden box and said bemusedly, an afterthought – “Oh, and did you want to take Grandma’s recipes?”

All the Things
By Karma’s Fool

A summer day, a song, a hug, a stolen moment, a dinner

some potatoes are happy
By Libby Lamb

these potatoes are quite happy

Happiness is a community garden.
by Sarah Howell

Happiness is at least like a potato.


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