By Karma’s Fool

We deserve it.

When Ophelia Fought the Devil
By Aaron D. Jones

It is a dangerous moment when fire turns from red to white. It is perhaps more dangerous when a young girl’s skin does the same in anger.

The promises words hold
By Eileen S.

I suppose that I have what may seem like an obnoxious preoccupation with words and their meanings; I am rather more cautious than average about what I say (and I am rather more critical than average of thoughtless words strung together).

There. I said it.
By Katie DeConto

A bit ago, I read this line in one of my very old journals:  “Please don’t let me become one of those love-is-all-that-matters Christians.”
It was a prayer.

This Is Not About Hate
By nightsbrightdays

When our new synchroblogging topic was announced, I thought: This will be easy. There are plenty of things I hate. 

The Tidings
By David Mahaffey

We grant you this boon, one final chance to dissuade your human chattel from hastening the end.

No one can cut the cord himself. 
By Angry Ricky

I will not worship a box of stones and plastic.

Sometimes I use curse words when I pray.
By Sarah Howell

Because God is love, God can take up all the pain and hatred in this world and transform it into…well, love.


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