A Record Scratch Moment

Replacing the Needle
By Eileen S.

You had to catch it, replace the needle, set it back on track.  Otherwise, the song would reiterate the falsehood for so long that it would sound true.

How will it end?
By Katie DeConto

I’m not sure how it will end – whether it will be in one moment where everything stops and life is suddenly calm, or whether it will gradually deflate like a balloon. Either way, I hope an implosion of the brain will not be involved.

The Day the Music Died
By David Mahaffey

Reconstructing the event, I think it was the cat’s fault.

Your mom.
By Sarah Howell

I’ve been making “your mom” jokes for probably over a decade now. Sometimes they’re funny, but most of the time they’re just stupid.

So you want to be a good person…
By Alaina Kleinbeck

Who feels like a total jerk for not posting videos and comments and hashtags about international criminals?


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