Identity Crisis

Of Metros, Pizza, and Identity
By nightsbrightdays

An identity crisis, large or small, can come at the strangest times, and they very rarely offer up any warning. Not so much as a “Hey, by the way, you’re going to have an identity crisis on your way home from the metro today.”

Containing Multitudes, Part 3
By David Mahaffey

It turns out that the people who read my blog don’t like it when I say that I don’t write.

Fake Identity / Theft Protection
By A Will in Cognition

I wanted to bring all the laughing to an abrupt end and make them realize that pieces of my mother were slipping away right in front of me.

Juggling Still
By notgnirrupannig

My life seems made of wondering, and perhaps more follow through on my questions than is good for a stable life.

A lot of religion goes nowhere.
By James Curran

I want to know God.

What Gets Lost and Found
By Eileen S.

I don’t know if there is a god, if there are souls, or if we’re all just spinning quarks in space.

Mean Streets of Jeuno
by Karma’s Fool

Every day I hear the cries, everyday someone wants me to be something else

I’m up to my eyeballs.
by Katie DeConto

Risking rejection, risking failure, speaking with confidence to skeptical people, sales, relying on others, asking for things…


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