Feet which seem bound to fail and falter
By Eileen S.

In 2005, I was a first-year teacher.

A Very Bad Idea
By nightsbrightdays

I did not look at the scenery. I did not admire the red rock and breathtaking vista. I did not commune with nature. I was too busy trying not to die.

By megan e b jones

I am thinking about the colors yellow and purple, mostly yellow. And the balancing that happens when I make a picture.

Midnight Desolation
By David Mahaffey

Driving through the silent black, speeding around blind curves, climbing higher and seeking midnight desolation, I became acquainted with an exhilarating new urge…

By Alaina Kleinbeck

I put on the gloves,
grabbed onto the wire,
and put my head down.

Revelatory Gravity
By Karma’s Fool

Despite my catlike reflexes, recent events conspire to push me off the edge.

Falling in Love
By James Curran

We are in Love. But we didn’t fall there.

Falling Star
By A Will in Cognition

If there were a high school Who’s Who award for Least Likely to Cause A Scene, Jaime would want to win hands down (no pun intended).

Learn to Fall
By Alisha Agemy

A Poem. Enjoy.

I’m stepping in love with you.
By Katie DeConto

 I suppose if I chopped off my leg, that would be permanent and difficult to ignore, like a marriage.


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