Giving Up for the Long Haul

Giving Up for the Long Haul
By A Will in Cognition

I envied those who knew ever so lucidly their inherent talents and abilities and was baffled by stories of those who had carried those interests from childhood forward with diligence.

Not Gone (Forever)
By Alisha Agemy

At first, I adored Uganda.

By Katie DeConto

As an adult, things have become more complicated.

deep south
By megan e b jones

Mercury rises.

His Most Astonished Drawl
By David Mahaffey

“In the Carolina foothills words sit thick in the jaw.”

Wash it all away
By Alaina Kleinbeck

Rainstorm’s glory.

Giving Up? Not on my long haul
By John Post

Giving up is a foreign concept to me.

In the End
By Karma’s Fool

“Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!”

Giving Up for the Long Haul
By notgnirrupannig

“Jason was one of my editors, the kind of friend who would patiently and lovingly babysit a nearly awful story until the baby tooth of truth he had felt in its young gums grew strong enough incisors to lop off his finger.”

By Aaron D. Jones

Young Ophelia and her father, Mr. Chester, consider the pros and cons of being grown up.

Finding Peace On The Journey
By James Curran

….wanting the results and not the process….


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