Know Your Roots

Who we are, not what we do…
By James Curran

A plea:  Please stop defining me by what I do…

By Eileen S.

I wonder whether they’d much want me as I am, a heretic finally content that returning to the earth is the same as returning to God.

Last Dance
By nightsbrightdays

She was not just my grandma, who loved to fish and cooked up the best blue claw crab you’ll ever have and yelled louder than anyone at Carolina basketball games; she was also Dorothy Berea, a dancer, a woman who was part of the pinnacle of dance in America, someone who was young like me once.

How to Holler
By David Mahaffey

If you find me scratching among the weeds, like as not I am exhuming some loamy filament and trying to tell whether it’s yours or mine.

The West Virginia Family Reunion
By The Rebel I

Because someone has to mine the coal we burn.

Going Rogue
By Karma’s Fool

In which the hero learns the value of hard work and is foiled by basic biology.

By Aaron D. Jones

Ophelia, an eight-year-old girl in Victorian England, discovers buried treasure in her family’s vegetable garden.

Lest I Wither
By Katie DeConto

Putting down roots is an important investment, because when the scorching heat of the sun is taking water from my leaves, I’ll need those roots to stay whole and healthy, to survive.


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