The Earth around the Sun, or the Sun around the Earth: Centers of Gravity

Again and Again
By Alaina Kleinbeck

These are the happiest sort of lies a person can tell.

Be Still
By David Mahaffey

Stillness: a learned disposition, an invasion of privacy, and a solution to the relativist’s dilemma.

Dunbar’s Mumble: How to maintain stable relationships by being exclusive/ enigmatic/ elusive with others
By The Rebel I

Self explanatory? Why nobody knows what to do with 2000 Facebook friends.

Financial Projections
By A Will in Cognition

I got the impression she didn’t want to be friends when she threw her bank statements at me and threatened to sue the branch where I worked.

Getting comfortable with being wrong….
By James Curran

a 750 word blog on how hard truth is to know…

by megan e b jones

Something to take with you, when you go and are down on your back and look up.

Keeping My Balance
by Eileen S.

I live in fairly constant mistrust of my body.

A Meditation
By nightsbrightdays

There’s something about having a horse stop in midair over a jump that gives you a rather acute appreciation of the principle of gravity.

N-Body Problem
by Karma’s Fool

“In the physical literature about the n-body problem (n ≥ 3), sometimes reference is made to the impossibility of solving the n-body problem.”

By Aaron D. Jones

Ophelia, a young girl living in the Victorian era, argues with her stuffy father about the finer points of cosmology.

by Katie DeConto

I tried my hand at collage, to ask a question.


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