What we might become if…

Becoming, Plow and Rain

A father in the Victorian era, fearing the end of the world, argues with his young daughter about whether or not she should ride her bicycle.

Charleston, in two parts, i write to be rid of things by Katie DeConto

This past Friday, I auditioned for American Idol.

Filtered Reality, nightsbrightdays

Let me paint a scene for you.

The Great Risk of Love, Experiments with Light

I had a dream once about a lover. We lay in bed together in a white-golden morning, making love–and suddenly, he broke apart in my arms like a ceramic vessel. Water rushed through the cracks of him, soaking me. In the dream, I wept as I grasped at his pieces, gathering up the shards of him. I woke up incredibly stirred with this image of intimate vulnerability.

a loosely held theory, Jim Curran’s Blog

the people who are affecting culture at its most core level are the people who are just being who they are at their most core level.

Origin Stories, Word Shepherd

I shudder to think how much smaller my world could be but for the way a lark can grow.

A rolling stone gathers no lactic acid either, lifeatthetreehouse

A recipe for really bad iced coffee, among other things.

Spoiler Alert, karma’s fool

In which our hero learns of human frailty from the most unlikely of sources

These Dreams, They Haunt Me, passionately pensive

I dream things that I swear I will remember, things that bring me to running sweats and tossing through the night, afraid of my own inner eyelids.

Walking in circles, standing in lines., A Will in Cognition

As we get older, we acquire additional privileges up until this point, but after twenty-one we’re left hanging; there’s nothing else to work for, but fortunately, we have alcohol to help us deal with the ambiguity.

we might, m: art, et cetera

looking. listening. really.
we might


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