Debt, n, nightsbrightdays

I will choose to think about debt in a different kind of way. Debt is:
-Creative writing classes out on the quad, flicking bugs off my legs and glaring at nearby smokers as we discussed the literary merits of my classmates’ short stories.

debt of lament, passionately pensive

The demand to be as any other harrowed at my already withered, exhausted soul.

debt we debtors, m: art et cetera

No paybacks for time.

Indebted, muddleddreamer

I owe so much, to so many people. Not all of it good.

my baby, the earth, i write to be rid of things

It’s amazing that our heads don’t explode from keeping track of who owes what to whom in every relationship we have.

What Do I Owe You?, Word Shepherd

I offered to do a favor for a friend yesterday and got the usual response: “I’ll owe you one.” This transaction always makes me uneasy, and I am usually quick to protest that no, nothing is owed. I don’t say that because it’s polite, and I don’t think people lack compelling things to offer in return. I say it because I already feel indebted, and any kindness I show is an effort to correct at least a little of an insurmountable imbalance.


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