Hail, Music, Word Shepherd

An article of my personal faith: it may be heresy to know the words and not sing them.

I play music at bars sometimes., i write to be rid of things

My friends come out. I meet new people – bar patrons, other musicians, adventurous friends of friends.

Music Ascending, nightsbrightdays

Not much could penetrate the shroud of stress, exhaustion, and misery that I was wrapped in, and this song was beautiful enough to make me pause and take a breath.

Nightsinging, muddleddreamer

How does it know that there are humans inside trying to sleep at just that exact moment, and thus it must be time to begin the nightly serenade?

sing on, michael bolton, passionately pensive

He sang, whistled, and hummed everywhere he went regardless of what was going on around him.


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