the bad bag of cuties, i write to be rid of things

In retrospect, and even at the time, it seems I should have just said “okay” and did as she said.

Eat, Bake, Love, adventures of alisha

Not eating, shoveling some microwaved food into my mouth quickly as I run out the door, but Eating: that time-consuming, mouth-watering, multi-dish experience that must be shared to be fully enjoyed.

feed me, seymour!, passionately pensive

This was a mistake of massive proportions. Consequences included food-related nightmares, bedtime nausea, and a roommate that thought I was insane.

Fish Food, nightsbrightdays

After waking up at 4am and traveling for most of the day, when we finally spilled off the plane at our destination, a glorious swim in a tropical pool would be my reward.

food, m: art et cetera

The Meat of the Hunt, Word Shepherd

I did not begrudge them their victories, but when the stories turned to the killing moment, my reaction was visceral.

They don’t call it the big white dress for nothing, muddleddreamer

If the existence of size zero means that my size gets to drop down the scale a few numbers accordingly, well…let’s just say that I’m not exactly opposed to the idea.


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