Dark City, nightsbrightdays

My introduction to Edinburgh was in the dark, ancient part of the city where cars and electricity seem like passing fads, a pretense.

From Darkness, Light, adventures of alisha

And once you’re there, and you look up, you might be confused and think you are in space, because there are so many big, bright stars, and the moon is so large and luminous that you decide you must be dreaming.

further, m: art et cetera

How Are You? I Am Fine., Word Shepherd

I strive to be ambiscrutinous, to be as consumed by the world around me and the people in it as I am by introspection, even when that exposes me to as much pain as joy.

into the darkness, passionately pensive

On top of it all, several weeks ago, I came to a dreadful realization.

The Senior Scramble, i write to be rid of things

If you were a senior and single, you best scramble to find someone to marry before it was time to flip your tassel.

Synchroblogging in the dark, muddleddreamer

The darkness almost never meant rest.


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