get in shape, girl!*, passionately pensive

This fusion of physical strength and prowess with spiritual fitness ignores the weakness metaphors throughout scripture and perpetuates the myth of the invincible Christian person.

Guilt is not becoming., i write to be rid of things

Unbound guilt could well be a death sentence to joy and any meaningful social interaction.

The Dixie Cup, nightsbrightdays

I find this childhood incident instructive for the pattern guilt cuts in my life.

Guilt of the Pen, adventures of alisha

I developed an early aversion to writing of all types, and avoided it like some kids avoid spinach.

So Grievous a Transgression, Word Shepherd

My dad’s beeper was designed to draw attention to itself: if it didn’t make loud sounds, he’d never know when to go put out fires. It was also hard to ignore because it was the size of a small brick, and because it had a shiny button on it I was forbidden to press.


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